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star ocean: the last hope lj community

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the LiveJournal community dedicated to Star Ocean: The Last Hope! Feel free to post here, but don't flood the community with spam, please. Roleplay Ads are allowed. Keep everything SO:TLH related and remember to use an LJ-Cut for tl;dr posts and large images.
- When posting downloadables, please members-lock your posts.
- Remember to respect the other members and your fellow mods!
- This is a community for SO4, not the previous installments. Go to their individual communities for that.
Use an LJ-cut for these reasons: spoilers, tl;dr, fanart, graphics (banners larger than 300x400 / icons - no more than THREE icons outside a cut), nsfw items, etc. Just be considerate.
- We have a list of tags so far. We'd like to keep things nice and organized.
- This is a yaoi, yuri, and het friendly community. Not everyone will like your ship. Deal with it. No bashing/flame wars, 'kay? Keep that in your personal journals.
- No character hating. If you want to do any kind of hate, you have a journal for a reason.
- If you have a problem, please contact a moderator.
- Lastly, do not spam the community about your achievements. We're all glad you got what you did, but this isn't your personal journal.
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