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Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope community
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star_ocean_fan [userpic]
Ask the Star Ocean Character, Facebook, and Christmas

Ask the Star Ocean Character  - Roger S. Huxley

Just so everyone knows, I am taking questions for the next Ask the Star Ocean Character segment featuring Roger S. Huxley from Till the End of Time. Limit three questions per person, no cussing or vulgar language, and questions must
be submitted to me no later than midnight of December 11, 2012. They
can be submitted to me via PM, comment, or email (luthersfayt@gmail.com
or thestaroceanuniverse@gmail.com), and, when submitting, please let me
know if you wish to remain "anonymous" for the inquiries or if there is a
specific user name you'd like for me to use. Otherwise, I will use
whatever name you post the questions as when submitting them.


Holiday Project - Seeking Star Ocean themed Celebrations!

is another friendly announcement that I am seeking out holiday themed
Star Ocean cosplay, photography (with the toys, naturally), art work,
and fan fiction. This isn't a contest of any kind, there are no prizes
for best piece, this is just Star Ocean fans celebrating the holidays
with their favorite
(or one of their favorite) game. Please keep all
photography and artwork clean and tasteful (no nudity) and fan fiction
to one-shots with mild language and implied situations (no smut). I will
accept chaptered fiction ONLY if the story is complete.

When submitting fan fiction (of any kind), please include the following in front of the story:

Pairing: (if applicable)
Warnings: (if applicable)
Disclaimer: (a MUST)
Claimer on OCs: (a must and where applicable)
Author's Notes: (if applicable)

Note: The only time World does not need to be included is for birthday stories

please note: While I have a very good grasp of the English language and
the mechanics for writing, I am not a beta-reader. This is by choice so
I can work on my own material for myself and the people who enjoy reading my works. I will not accept any stories with severe spelling and grammatical errors. This is a fan journal,
not a fan fiction and fan art posting website like deviantArt and
fanfiction.net. I read over everything that is submitted to me. I do not
accept the excuse of "it's just fanfiction" for poorly written
material. I also will not hesitate to ask a person to fix the errors and
resubmit a story. I know that none of us gets paid for our fan fiction,
but this is as much your fandom as it is mine. Take pride in your work
and do your absolute best. Don't just say you love Star Ocean. Shout it.

submissions for the holiday season (not restricted to just Christmas -
all holidays in December are welcome) can be emailed to me at
luthersfayt@gmail.com or thestaroceanuniverse@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!


Announcement - The Star Ocean Universe Facebook Page

A few months ago, when I first had the idea for a Star Ocean fan event, I started a facebook page called The Star Ocean Universe. It can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Star-Ocean-Universe/274275612679796
The journal entries are posted to the maintainer account, which can be
found by typing thestaroceanuniverse@gmail.com into facebook's search
engine (name is under Autumn Ronk). All Star Ocean fans are welcome to
join me there.