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Sage of Winds [userpic]
Meracle Trading Arts Figure

Ahoy! It's been awhile!

A friend of mine was clearing out some of her figure collection, and one of the things she gave me was an unopened Square Enix trading arts figure of Meracle. Assembled, she's about four inches tall. However, I really don't have a lot of space for figures and already have a few of the SO4 characters, so... would someone like to have her? :>

Again, she's perfect and has never been assembled.

My only condition is that you pay for the shipping. I live in Canada where postage is crazy expensive, so it could end up being around $10. I have PayPal. Any Meracle fans want to snap her up/complete their collection? I could get her mailed before the end of the week and shoot you a total.

Let me knoooow~!


I'd take you up on that . . . except I have a few things I could end up shipping next week, and I only have $5 . . . but I'd so love to get my hands on her.

Well, if no one else pops up, I'm cool with holding her for you until you have the money. :>